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Apparently there were over a million other people who saw this on YouTube before me, so if its old to you, sorry for the repeat. Kindra and I thought this was great.

Preview of our new website

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I finally feel comfortable posting a preview of our new website. This has been my winter project (read: obsession) and I'm really hoping to have it up very soon - even though I keep saying that.

[warning, the following is geek-speak]
While I could have gone for a out-of-the-box flash designed site like every other photographer's, I decided to make it Flash-esque with Javascript transitions between pages. The cool thing about this (to geeks like me, at least) is that even if you don't have Javascript in your web browser, the page will still work correctly (without the "pretty" transitions).

Included with the new site design is a completely revamped Blog template AND the blog will be living on, not Blogger.

So, when you come back sometime to see things looking different, you won't think you are at the wrong place!

-- Kevin

Jessie & Scott: Engagement Skyscraper

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When we originally started offering "Skyscraper" portraits, we specifically had seniors in mind. Jessie and Scott liked the idea of a skycraper for some photos from their "Story of Our Love" engagement portraits so that they could have some photos of their dogs - Tuck in particular, since he's a growing and quickly-changing puppy.

Through a twist of computer issues and less than wonderful planning in Photoshop, I ended up creating a new Skyscraper background design. You really have to see this up close to see the results, but I am loving how it came out. (Even though I know exactly how it will look while editing on the computer, It is always amazing to see the results when we get the photos back from our lab.)

As it turns out, the colors we selected for Jessie and Scott ended up perfectly matching our curtains - where we have our sample skyscraper portrait normally hung. So... we may end up having to order a second of this wall portrait!

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