India and Amante

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We recently took some portraits of India and her dog, Amante. Amante is a Boston Terrier and is a very tame and photogenic dog. He seemed to love to have his pictures taken. We loved to call his name and get his ears to perk up right before we'd take the pictures. India has a pretty smile and was great to work with. I hope you enjoy the pictures. (Press play to start slideshow).

Drew's 1st Birthday

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This past weekend, Kevin and I hosted a birthday party for our nephew, Drew. It was his birthday. He is doing all sorts of cute things now like waving, clapping, and giving high fives. He has a fun personality and smiles a lot. We were able to capture a lot of his cute expressions. Drew loved having a small piece of cake and you can see he got a little messy.
(Press play to watch slideshow).



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Yesterday I shot some pictures of Kira in the studio. Kira is a creative, fun person so I decided to do an edgy, fashion photography shoot for her. We were both really happy with how they turned out.

Click on the picture to go to the slideshow.

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Bridal Planning

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Dear brides and soon-to-be brides,
Today I found this website that has a lot of information to help with planning from everything to your wedding and honeymoon to your shower and how to write your vows. It is a very comprehensive and helpful site. Hope you enjoy.

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Flowers in the studio

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Today I decided to shoot an arsty still life in the studio. I was trying to set up the pictures so there was only 2 colors for the subject. There was one prominent color that had several different objects that color and another object with a different accent color. In a few of them, there is a little green from the flowers showing or a little color from the marbles but for the most part, I stayed with the original intention. I hope you enjoy these pretty flower pictures (press play to start slideshow).

Technical notes: For a lot of these, I turned off one of the studio lights so there would be more shadows and the photograph would have a moodier tone.

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Carla and Jess Engagement Session

Posted by posted by Kevin Barber Monday, June 04, 2007 at

We had a great time taking Carla and Jess' engagement pictures. They were excellent models and we look forward to photographing their wedding this September in Des Moines.

Kindra had a great idea for sunset pictures and we decided to return to Big Creek State Park in Polk City. It had been rainy all day and so we were considering doing just studio pictures, but luckily the weather had cleared up just before our session, so we kept with the original plan.

As you may be able to tell, the beach was a bit soggy and it made getting onto the boat docks a little interesting. Its good that Carla and Jess were easy-going and flexible; they had no problem wading through a little water here or there.

Here is a slide show of some of our favorite images from the session. (be sure to click 'play' to see it in motion)

Technical Details:
For the silhouette photos, we metered off the sky and then composed the shot.
For the portraits with the sunset/sky background we used the Canon 580EX, metering with the flash to the couple.

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