The Dexters

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About a week ago, we captured some portraits for the Dexter family. They suggested we take the portraits at their home, which is always our favorite location for family portraits. Their house was beautiful and had so many great locations for portraits. I cannot describe how wonderful this family is, you can feel the love they have for each other when you enter their home. They were very welcoming and accomodating. Their 3 children, Lauren, Brayden and Alyson, all looked so cute and were very well behaved. We even managed to get a few portraits with their 5 month old puppy, Benny. Thank you Royce and Carol for allowing us to take your family portraits and get to know your family better. We're looking forward to seeing your children grow up through the years.

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Boston's Portraits

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A few weeks ago, we captured Boston's 2 year old portraits. We suspect he will be a sports star someday with his love for being active and having fun. He has this adorable smile that is very contagious and makes those around him smile too. We were laughing and smiling the whole day. He loves trains so we took him to the Iowa State Fairgrounds to play on on a wooden train shaped play equipment. Every time a real train would go by, he would stop what he was doing and make a train whistle sound. It was very cute. Lindsay and Monte, thanks for allowing us to take Boston's portraits and we look forward to seeing him grow up.

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Play Time

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Who's There?
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Kindra got a new lens for her camera, so naturally, I had to pop it onto my camera and try it out. Here's our dog, Buddy, wanting me to play with him in the back yard. You can see some more of my favorites on my Flickr page.


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Doug and Molly

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We captured Doug and Molly's engagement session at 2 locations, The Rose Garden in Des Moines and Iowa State University. They ended up receiving a nice mix of summer and fall portraits. Doug and Molly had met while in college at ISU so we were glad to go to a location that is important to them. We even went to the location on campus that Doug had proposed to Molly. Molly and Doug are a really fun couple and have been such a joy to work with. They are very tender with each other but also very playful. What we love about these portraits is you can tell how deeply they love and appreciate each other. Some of our favorites at ISU were taken near sunset showing all the beautiful fall colors and the sun reflecting off the water. We are really looking forward to your wedding, Doug and Molly!

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