Moon Over Des Moines (Part 2)

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Full Moon Over Des Moines - HDR + Panoramic
Although I am a bit reluctant to call this "complete" yet, this is my completed version of Full Moon Over Des Moines, which I posted a few weeks ago. This is the panoramic HDR version made up of 4 HDR images (each is 3 exposures) - or 12 frames that have been put together.

Hopefully this works, but you should be able to use the Zoomify version below to zoom in to full (or nearly full) resolution.

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Jenny's shower

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Sunday, I went to my good friend Jenny's baby shower. Last year around this time, Kevin and I and 3 other couples from our church (including Jenny and her husband) were on a missions trip in South Africa. We all went there to help build a flat at an orphanage called Pines Christian Academy which reaches out to children who have lost their parents or caregivers to AIDS. We had an amazing experience there and the children who lived at the Pines and all the people we met changed our lives and perspectives forever. This year, Jenny and Tiffany (another girl from the trip) are both pregnant with their first child , are a few weeks apart in their due dates, and both are expecting boys. It's fun to see how much has changed in a year!

Jenny received lots of fun gifts including a pair of baby Crocs. I decided to go with the theme of Africa with my gifts to Jenny and bought her a cute lion t-shirt, an airplane sleeper, and an elephant baby book. Jenny and her husband, Kris, love Africa so much that they decided to go with a theme of giraffes for their baby's nursery.

We all had a fun time and are looking forward to meeting Kris and Jenny's baby boy in about a
Jenny and her mom. Aren't they cute together?

Jenny and the baby Crocs.

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Best of 2007

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I know this is long overdue but here it is, our favorites of 2007. It was difficult to narrow down to just a handful, but we managed.

2007 was a great year for us and our wonderful, fun and creative clients made it enjoyable. We love it when our clients' ideas combine with our ideas and together we are able to create artistic portraits that truly reflect their personalities.

We'd like to thank all of our clients for being so incredible and we appreciate all of you so much. Kevin and I are also looking forward to the future clients we'll have this year and how we'll be able to create custom art for their homes.

We are also very excited about 2008 - we will be introducing several new products that we think our clients will enjoy (more on that to come).

We would love to hear from all of you; which of these portraits are your favorites? Please leave us a comment - we love your feedback!

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