Iowa State Fair Photography Salon

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We didn't end up getting a chance to submit any photos this year to the Iowa State Fair, and worse yet - we were so busy, we didn't even make it there to see the photography salon, which is our favorite part of the fair (except, for me, the corndogs).

Fortunately, I came across this video from Iowa Public Television with a few of the images from this year's state fair.

For those of you who go to the fair, what is your favorite thing to do/see/eat?

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Ashlyn: Senior Session

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We had tons of fun working with Ashlyn and her family while creating some amazing portraits for them. Ashlyn was up for all our crazy ideas and she had some great ideas to work with as well. Of course, there was the Tactical Unit session - you MUST see how well the prints turned out from that session - they are on metallic paper and just pop right off the page! We also created some great great portraits like the sunset with her truck, the urban portraits created in Des Moines' East Village, and some really fun images created our studio.

We will continue to post some high resolution images of Ashlyn, but for now, here is a video that we put together of our favorite images from Ashlyn's sessions:

Seniors - if you haven't had senior portraits created for you yet, don't hesitate! You must call us immediately in order to be able to make many of the schools' deadlines for yearbooks.

buy the new cdMusic by Fundamental Elements - Check out their website, they are well worth a listen (or two). Their latest album, The Cycle We're Living In is at the top of my "most played" list. And they're even available on iTunes for your convenience!

Fundamental Elements - The Cycle We're Living In

That Girl is available for FREE on the Fundamental Elements MySpace Page!

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We are Breaking a Rule!

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Kindra and I just finished up one of the funnest sessions. We got access to the local SWAT team Tactical Unit truck for a special Senior session with Ashlyn. This worked out great because we've noticed through Ashyln's other sessions she has a very powerful, in-charge look about her when she is serious - it fit perfectly with this idea.

I created this particular image with one Canon 580EX strobe just off camera-right and balanced the exposure with the remaining daylight. A few touchups in Photoshop for added affect, and vuala!

Regarding the broken rule... well, we have a rule against posting to our blog before the client's viewing session. However, poor Ashlyn is going to have some very difficult decisions when she orders her portraits, we thought it would be OK.


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Image Viewing Poll

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We are in the process of doing some long overdue design work to our website and blog. If you are a long-time reader of this blog, you may have noticed all the changes in how we've posted images. I personally keep going back and forth in my mind on what I think is best - so I decided to ask the audience! Please vote for what you think would be best.