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As many of you know, we've talked a lot about redesigning our blog and website and now our revamped sites are officially online. If you are subscribed to our blog, you will need to change the RSS feed if you'd like to continue to stay connected with our studio. Our new blog address is We are very excited about our new website and blog and would love to hear your feedback on them. Please leave a comment on our new blog and let us know what you think.

Update: If you use a RSS Reader (i.e. Google Reader, etc.) then please update your feed to: -- we will no longer be updating blogger and will soon redirect traffic to the new site. --Management (aka, Kevin)

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Apparently there were over a million other people who saw this on YouTube before me, so if its old to you, sorry for the repeat. Kindra and I thought this was great.

Preview of our new website

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I finally feel comfortable posting a preview of our new website. This has been my winter project (read: obsession) and I'm really hoping to have it up very soon - even though I keep saying that.

[warning, the following is geek-speak]
While I could have gone for a out-of-the-box flash designed site like every other photographer's, I decided to make it Flash-esque with Javascript transitions between pages. The cool thing about this (to geeks like me, at least) is that even if you don't have Javascript in your web browser, the page will still work correctly (without the "pretty" transitions).

Included with the new site design is a completely revamped Blog template AND the blog will be living on, not Blogger.

So, when you come back sometime to see things looking different, you won't think you are at the wrong place!

-- Kevin

Jessie & Scott: Engagement Skyscraper

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When we originally started offering "Skyscraper" portraits, we specifically had seniors in mind. Jessie and Scott liked the idea of a skycraper for some photos from their "Story of Our Love" engagement portraits so that they could have some photos of their dogs - Tuck in particular, since he's a growing and quickly-changing puppy.

Through a twist of computer issues and less than wonderful planning in Photoshop, I ended up creating a new Skyscraper background design. You really have to see this up close to see the results, but I am loving how it came out. (Even though I know exactly how it will look while editing on the computer, It is always amazing to see the results when we get the photos back from our lab.)

As it turns out, the colors we selected for Jessie and Scott ended up perfectly matching our curtains - where we have our sample skyscraper portrait normally hung. So... we may end up having to order a second of this wall portrait!

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Scott and Jessie's Story of our Love Post 3

Posted by posted by Kindra Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at

We found this cool alley in Valley Junction with a lot of good photo opportunities. Since it was November, they had lined the trees, with Christmas lights so it set a very romantic mood.

The Christmas lights and fire escape were great backgrounds. We probably could've spent half their session in this alley easily.

A moonlit walk down the alley. Thanks Jessie and Scott being so flexible with the bad weather and never complaining how cold it was. Hopefully it'll be much nicer weather for your Spring session. We're really looking forward to your next session. I think you've come up with a lot of great locations.

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Scott and Jessie's Story Of Our Love Post 2

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Another cute family photo from the dog park. We can't wait to see how much little Tuck has grown when we photograph him again in the Spring for their Iowa City part of their session.

I love Jessie's expression in this. You can tell how much she loves Scott in this one.

This one was taken in Valley Junction at a nice shop. Another cute, snuggly one of them. I love how relaxed Scott and Jessie are with each other.

Check back soon for some more portraits on Jessie and Scott!

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Jessie and Scott's Story of our Love Session Post 1

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You'll probably remember a couple of months ago that we posted a sneak preview from Jessie and Scott's Fall Story of our Love session. With all the busyness with the holidays, we didn't get a chance to meet with them until last weekend so here are some of the best from their session. Scott and Jessie love drinking coffee together so this was taken in a coffee shop. I love the expressions of them gazing at each other.

Here's a photo of Jessie with Tuck and Callie while Scott went to fetch another collar for Callie. It was snowing while we were at the dog park but you'd never know it was that cold by the expression on Jessie's face.

I love this one.

Here is Scott and Jessie's favorite photo of the day because it shows their family. They decided when they announce their engagements in the papers that they're going to use this one. We have a dog named Buddy so we love sharing cute pet stories with them.

We will be posting more portraits from their session within the next week so keep checking back!

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Charlotte's Grins and Giggles Christmas Session

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Around Christmas time, Charlotte's family invited us over to take some photos of Charlotte in her Christmas dress with their decorations. We had a lot of fun watching Charlotte explore the presents.

I love this photo of her. She has so many different expressions.

Here is Sarah holding her arms as she stands. It'll be exciting to see her walk soon.

This is so precious. She almost looks like she is praying here.

This is Kevin and mine's favorite photo from the session. We think we might enter this photo in a children's contest our photography lab is having coming up.

We're looking forward to photographing Charlotte's first birthday in March. I'm sure she'll make a lot of adorable expressions throughout the day and be doing even more things than she did when we photographed her in December.

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Save Ashlyn!

Posted by posted by Kevin Barber Friday, January 23, 2009 at

Kindra and I are both sporting our "Save Ashlyn" shirts today. You may remember Ashlyn's senior portraits we posted last summer.

Late in the summer Ashlyn found out she had leukemia and has been going through chemo for the past few months and is now in remission.

Today Ashlyn is having a bone marrow transplant from her sister, Hayley (what a hero of a sister!) We are wearing our "Save Ashlyn" t-shirts in support; what's really cool is that there is a Facebook group that Ashlyn's family started to gather photographs of everyone wearing their "Save Ashlyn" shirts.

T-Shirts were designed and printed by Smash in Des Moines and I understand that they donated the graphic for the family to use. (Of course, its a spoof of the famous water tower in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.)

Update (1/23 3:30 pm - via Facebook): Danny says the transplant is complete. All went well with Ashlyn. Hayley had a pretty rough go but is slowly getting better. Hayley is a HERO!