Full Moon Over Des Moines

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Full Moon Over Des Moines
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I've been chasing after this image for quite a while and this is pretty close to what I envisioned. Ideally, I'm hoping to someday catch the full moon right behind the skyline.

There's a little bit of a story behind capturing this. I had earlier in the day debated about taking my camera with me as I left, but with the really cold weather (highs in the teens - where's that global warming?) I didn't want to leave my camera out in the cold car. So, I drove right past this spot around 4pm. Noticing how crisp and clear the sky was, I thought it would be great for photography. I checked on my GPS to figure out what time moonrise/sunset were for the day and I had about an hour for each (Sun was going down a few minutes before moon came up). I had just enough time to make it home for the camera and get back to that spot.

I had to wait about 10 minutes before the moonrise and I kept looking at the GPS and the clock thinking "where is the moon" when all of a sudden I saw an orange dome shape on the horizon. I first thought it was one of the buildings downtown, but realized it was the moon - right on time. It is amazing how quickly it rises - by the time I got set up, the moon was already about this high.

I captured about 50 frames before my hands froze - most were panoramic and HDR - those will be fun to stitch together! This was single-frame HDR. I was excited to get something up on the blog.



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